Math 1: Addition & Subtraction, Plus

Status: In Process Projected Availability – Beginning September 14, 2021

This course is for the more mature beginner. It covers topics in 3 Yr. Old Preschool Math and K 4 Math and goes far beyond.

MATHEMATICS 1 – ADDITION & SUBTRACTION, Plus includes the following:
– Introduction to Numbers, Numerals, and Their Quantities
– Counting Forwards and Backwards first to ten, then to 100, and finally to 1,000
– Addition through 10
– Subtraction through 10
– Fact Families and the Commutative Property of Addition
– Names of the parts of addition and a subtraction problems.
– Telling Time; Know Units of Time, AM & PM; Months of each Season, and the Year in order.
– Calendars
– Addition with carrying through 20
– Subtraction with Borrowing through 20
– Basic 2-Dimensional Shapes with perimeter formulas
– Basic 3-Dimensional Shapes – Counting of Edges, Vertices, Faces
– Place Values through 1,000,000
– Addition and Subtraction of Dollars and Cents
– Identification of Coinage and Bills and their Values
– Addition and Subtraction through 1,000,000
– Classifying by Color, Shape, and Size
– Copying and Creating Patterns
– Daily Mazes (Teaches Students to Think Ahead!)
– Skip Counting by 2’s, 5’s & 10’s
– Understanding of Even and Odd, plus the Addition and Subtraction Even and Odd Rules
– Ordinal Numbers
– Length Measurements in Inches, Feet, Yards, and Miles; Centimeters and Meters.
– Hundred Number Chart
– Comparing of Numbers =. <, >.
– Solving of Inequalities
– Sequencing of Numbers: Before and After
– Making and Interpreting Picture and Bar Graphs, Tables, and Tally Charts; Line Plots and Venn Diagrams.
– More with 2-Dimensional Shapes: Open & Closed, Flip, Turn, Slide, Symmetry,
– Composition with 2-Dimensional Shapes – We make our own puzzles from colored cardstock or cardboard.
– Measurement of Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
– Measurement of Weight in Ounces, Pounds, Tons, Grams and Kilograms
– Probability: More, Less and Evenly Likely; Also: Certain, Probable, Unlikely, Impossible
– Understand Congruity in Shapes
– Estimation of Sums and Differences up to 1,000
– Roman Numerals I, V, X, L, C, D, and M – Their values and how to read combinations.
This basically takes a child through normal 2nd grade work.

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