HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL – Coming Summer, 2022

We fully understand that there is a wide variance in knowledge and mastery at this level. Therefore, we test to determine an individual student’s math skills and then start him where he’s at in our math curriculum.

We offer the following instruction at this level:
1 – Mathematical Basics
2 – Pre-Algebra
3 – Algebra I
4 – Algebra II
5 – Geometry
6 – Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus

Taught by special arrangement with Mrs. Eliason

7 – Statistics
8 – Calculus

Courses include Consistent and Constant Review of the basics and course content previously covered by the individual.

Consumer and Business applications are woven throughout the courses.

Minimum achievement for graduation after the 10th Level is Algebra I; through Trig and Pre-Calculus is preferred.

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