Math – Spectrum Grade 2 – Online

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Excellent course for passing state mandated testing and also for application of concepts and facts learned.

Recommended Prerequisites:
Subitizing (See Spectrum Math PreK, Lessons 1-10)
Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10
– Use 100 Number Chart that accompanies this course
Knowledge of Addition and Subtraction Facts through 20

Two Parts, Two Books

Part One: Spectrum Math Grade 2 – $11.99
Teaches facts and concepts.

Part One Contents:
Chapter One
– Subitizing & Equations
– Grouping Objects
– Skip Counting with Money
– Learning Even and Odd
Chapter Two
– Addition and Subtraction Facts through 20
– PDF has charts for testing mastery
– PDF teaches Commutative Property of Addition
– Problem Solving
Chapter Three
– Adding and Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers
— No Renaming (Borrowing or Carrying)
– Use of tens and ones blocks
– Problem Solving with money.
Chapter Four
– Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers
— With Renaming (Carrying and Borrowing)
– Further use of tens and ones blocks
– Problem Solving
Chapter Five
– Working with 3-Digit Numbers
– Imtroduction of the Hundreds Place Value
– Use of the hundreds Blocks
– Comparison of Numbers
— Greater than, Less than, Equal
– Counting by 5s, 10, & 100s
– Expanded Form of Writing Numbers
– Subtracting 2-Digit from 3-Digit Numbers
– Adding 3-Digit Numbers
– Subtracting 3-Digit Numbers
– Checking Addition with Subtraction
Chapter 6
– Measurement
– Time
– – – Hour, Half Hour, Quarter Hour
– Centimeters & Inches
– Making a Line Plot
– Introduction of Perimeter
– Comparing Measurements
– Problem Solving
– Reading Picture and Bar Graphs
– Creating a Bar Graph
– Creating a Picture Graph
– Adding and Subtracting on a Number Line
Chapter Seven
– Geometry
– Shapes – Planar & Solid
– Drawing Shapes
– Defining Shapes
— Square
— Rectangle
— Triangle
— Circle
— Pentagon
— Hexagon
— Cube
— Rectangular Solid
— Square Pyramid
— Sphere
Chapter Eight
– Parts of a Whole
– Introduction to Fractions
– One-Half – Two-Halves
– One Third – Three-Thirds
– One-Fourth – Four-Fourths
– Partitioning Rectangles

Spectrum Math, Part Two

Book: Spectrum Word Problems – Grade 2 – $9.99

Contents: Word Problems with Everyday Application
Chapter One – Adding & Subtracting Up to 100
Chapter Two – Working with Equal Groups of Objects
Chapter Three – Understanding Place Value
Chapter Four – Reading and Writing Numbers to 1,000
Chapter Five – Adding and Subtracting Using Place Value
Chapter Six – Adding and Subtracting More than Two Numbers
Chapter Seven – Adding by Tens and Hundreds
Chapter Eight – Measuring and Estimating Lengths
Chapter Nine – Measuring to Determine Longer & Shorter
Chapter Ten – Representing Lengths on a Number Line
Chapter Eleven – Measuring Lengths & Plotting Graphs
Chapter Twelve – Telling and Writing Time
Chapter Thirteen – Solving Word Problems Involving Money
Chapter Fourteen – Recognizing and Drawing Shapes

Methodology: Assignments in Part Two – Problem Solving are given to include two types of problems daily, choosing pages from two different chapters. After the Work in the chapters is finished, students are given each of the Chapter Pre-tests, then the Chapter Post-tests, and finally the MID TEST and the FINAL TEST. This method assures continual mastery of all concepts.

A really super course.