Math Series A – Life of Fred Math – Now Online


For ages 4 through beginning college.

This math series was our first choice when we looked at curriculums for the school.

It is durable and reusable. The books are hardback and can be used over and over for all your children as problems are done on paper, not in the books.

Even so, we suggest ebay and other sources of used materials. Frugality is almost always a good thing.

If your child needs more work in a particular area, there are additional volumes available for some of the courses where more problems may be found.

Also, there is much more information in the lessons than just math. The author gives his opinions and strives to increase the general knowledge of his students. Sometimes this may conflict with a parent’s sensitivities. However, we found it very refreshing and good. He often gives a sneak preview of something in a course several courses ahead, just to begin to familiarize his students with an idea. A good pedagogical technique.

Another reason we chose Life of Fred is that it is seamless from early elementary through college, something not to be found in other math series.

Beehive and Ascent Advantage Academy math teachers also cover the full gamut of courses – in case you or your student needs a bit of coaching.

Courses include:

400 – The First Half is our introduction to Mathematics which precedes what is offered in Life of Fred. The second half begins a gentle entry into the Life of Fred world.

Uses Life of Fred books Apples & Butterflies which we divided into 72 lessons, plus reviews. If your child can go faster, great – DO IT!

500 – Cats through Farming – 144 Lessons on the Elementary Level.

600 – Goldfish through Jellybeans – the final installment of the early elementary series. 144 lessons and reviews.

700 – Kidneys, Liver, Mineshaft & Fractions – Moving into the upper portion of elementary math. Plus, there is a Math Lab we have added that is enlightening. Again, 144 lessons and reviews.

800 – Fractions, Part 2; Decimals & Percents and Moving into Pre-Algebra with Physics application. 144 Lessons and reviews.

900 – Pre-Algebra with Physics, Pt 2, with Biology and with Economics. Real life applications. Wonderful. 144 lessons and reviews.

1000 – Beginning Algebra – Expanded Addition. 104 Lessons & Reviews. Allows the student to move right into Advanced Algebra.

1100 – Advanced Algebra – 105 Lessons. Between the two Algebra courses, the student starts the Geometry course in mid-year, allowing him to finish it in a year and a half, which is the normal time it will take.

1200 – Geometry – 170 lessons with additional normal weekly reviews. Excellent

1300 – Trigonometry – Expanded Edition. The number of lessons depends upon how you divide it up and the period of time it takes you to digest the information.

1400 – Calculus – Expanded Edition, Part One of the Course. 144 lessons COLLEGE LEVEL.

1500 – Calculus – Expanded Edition, Part Two pf the Course. 144 Lessons. COLLEGE LEVEL

1600 – Statistics – Expanded Edition – SOME TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS RECOMMEND THIS COURSE INSTEAD OF CALCULUS. This is because for the average person it is more usable in life than Calculus. The information in the first part of the book is normally taught in high school courses, but book extends into the realm of COLLEGE LEVEL in the latter part.

Four Books:
Linear Algebra – A semester Course
Five Days – Which presents Set Theory; Modern Algebra; Abstract Arithmetic and Topology in 139 Assignments
Real Analysis – 113 Assignments
Logic – 99 Puzzles

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