Math – Mrs. K Second Grade Math – IP

This course is Video and PDF.

It Covers Learning:
Multiplication and Division Facts as Fact Families through 12.
Divisibility Rules.
Multiplication and Division through the 1,000,000s place value.
Identity Properties of Multiplication and Division.
Commutative and Associative Properties of Multiplication.
Distributive Property of Addition and Multiplication.
Use of the Decimal in Money, Per Cent, Multiplication, and Division.
General Formulas That Use Multiplication
– Distance
– Cost
– Per Cent
Complete Definitions of Geometric Figures and Their Formulas for Perimeter or Circumference and Area:
– Circle
– Square
– Quadrilateral
– Triangle
– Rhombus
– Kite
– Trapezoid
– Diamond
– Rectangle
– Parallelogram
– Pentagon
– Hexagon
– Octagon
Knowledge of How to Draw Each of the Above Figures.
Understanding of 3-D Shapes, Their Formulas, and Their Drawing:
– Sphere
– Triangular Solid
– Rectangular Solid
– Square Based Pyramid
– Cone
– Cylinder
– Cube
The Metric System and It Prefixes, Definition, and Relationships
– Length
– Weight
– Capacity
– Temperature
The Traditional Measurement System
– Length
– Weight
– Capacity
– Temperature
Changing from Traditional to Metric and from Metric to Traditional Measurements
Application through Word Problems to circumstances in every day life.