Math Alert for Live Online Academy – Don’t Delay, Test NOW and Turn-in Your Results


Tests for Math Placement are listed under the Icon “BEGINNING THE ASSESSMENTS.”

For the most part the tests are accessible by the URL given.

Start with the first test.

Print it and the solutions out.
If no solutions are given, send-in to [email protected] for correcting.
It will be corrected within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excepted) and the results returned to you.
Keep taking the tests until you reach the point where 50% of your answers are incorrect.
Email ALL your test results (Take pictures of your papers) by sending-in to [email protected].

We will analyze your results and determine the level at which we feel you should begin your math adventure at the Ascent Advantage Academy LIVE ONLINE ACADEMY.
Then, we will counsel with you, the student, and your parents as to where you feel best about starting in your Ascent Advantage Academy Math.