Math -Mrs. K First Grade Math – IP


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Requires: a Centimeter & Inches ruler; Carpenter’s tape measure; yard stick; set of measuring spoons and cups; pound and grams scale (Food type) (Suggest borrowing such); bathroom scale; containers holding a pint, quart, half gallon, and gallon; dual Farenhiet-Centigrade thermometer; graph paper; Mighty Mind Puzzles – Original and/or Advanced; actual money two rolls of pennies, one roll each nickels, dimes, quarters, $10.00 worth of half-dollars; ten – $1 bills, two $5 bills, one $10 bill, one $20.00 bill; analog clock; 12 month calendar.

Review of Previous Courses
Addition & Subtraction through 20
Addition and Subtraction through 1,000s and millions
Fact Families
Identity Properties
Commutative Property of Addition
Identification, Drawing and Definition of Planar & Solid Shapes
Line Plots, Bar Graphs & Picture Graphs
Money – Coinage and Bills
Time to the Minute
Lapsed Time
Calendar – Time Measurement
Linear Measurement
Weight Measurement
Liquid Measurement
Scale Drawing
Word Problems that reflect day-to-day activities
Spatial Reasoning with Mazes and Mighty Mind Puzzles