Math 9-1 Statistics – College Level


Now available.  PDF.  Excellent and informative.

WHY? Statistics?

I, Mrs.K. have a granddaughter who teaches math.  She tutored Statistics Labs at B.Y.U. as an undergrad, and also taught Calculus as a grad student.  This fine young lady is in  a position to KNOW about math and what is useful for everyday living.  I have deferred, in part, to her expertise.  “Grandma,” she said, “For most people, Statistics is far more useful in life than Calculus.  IF it were up to me, everyone would take Statistics in high school ahead of calculus.”

Required Resource:

  • Life of Fred Statistics, $49.97 at or used at amazon, abesbooks or ebay or elsewhere.

Special Note:  This course is taught LIVE by Mrs. Eliason  (see Faculty page) and conforms to her scheduling.

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