Math 5 – LOF Algebra 1



Now available in PDF Format. Ages 10 & up.

Requires LOF Algebra, $39.97 new at,  Also try for used at ebay, amazon, abesbook or others.

This course brings solid knowledge of Algebra and contains more topics that most other texts.  It also is shorter than most courses, ending eight weeks before a normal course.

This allows for Academy students to take the eight week Financial Literacy course.  This course will help them manage their finances in a manner pleasing to the Lord and satisfying to themselves.

More on content:

  • Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra Expanded Edition  (This book replaces both Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra and Fred’s Home Companion: Beginning Algebra.  This book has all the Your Turn to Play problems completely worked out, which wasn’t true in the old books.  And it costs less.)
    All of first-year high school algebra: Finite/Infinite Numbers, Natural numbers, Whole numbers, Integers, Adding signed numbers, Ratios, Multiplying signed numbers, Proportions, Inequalities in the integers, Continued Ratios, Adding like terms, Rectangles, Trapezoids, Sectors, Symmetric Law of Equality, Order of operations, Solving Equations, Rational numbers, Set builder notation, Distance-rate-time problems, Distributive law, Reflexive Law of Equality, Proof of the distributive law, Coin problems, Age problems, Transposing, Solving systems of equations by elimination, Work problems in two unknowns, Graphs, Plotting points, Averages, Graphing linear equations, Graphing any equation, Solving systems of equations by graphing, Solving systems of equations by substitution, Inconsistent and Dependent systems of equations, Factorial function, Areas and volumes, Commutative laws, Negative exponents, Multiplying polynomials, Solving quadratic equations by factoring, Common factors factoring, Easy trinomial factoring, Difference of squares factoring, Grouping factoring, Harder trinomial factoring, Solving fractional equations, Simplifying rational expressions, Adding and subtracting rational expressions, Multiplying and dividing rational expressions, Solving pure quadratic equations, Square roots, Pythagorean theorem, Real numbers, Irrational numbers, Fractional exponents, Solving radical equations, Rationalizing the denominator, Quadratic equations in everyday life, Solving quadratic equations by completing the square, Quadratic formula, Long division of polynomials, Functions, Slope, Finding slope of a line from its equation, Slope-intercept form of a line, Range of a function, Fast way to graph y = mx + b, Fahrenheit-Celsius conversions, Graphing inequalities, Why you can’t divide by zero, Absolute value, Solving inequalities in one unknown.


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