Math 7: Algebra II

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Students should have mastered the concepts and calculations in previous math courses before attempting Algebra II.

• Algebra II, contents
◦ Review of previous work, especially the Fundamental Ideas
◦ Linear Sentences in One Variables
◦ Segment, Lines, and Inequalities
◦ Linear Sentences in Two Variables
◦ Linear Equations in Three Variables
◦ Polynomial arithmetic
◦ Factoring Polynomials
◦ Rational Expressions
◦ Relations and Functions
◦ Polynomial Functions
◦ Radicals and Complex Numbers
◦ Quadratics in One Variables
◦ Conic Sections
◦ Quadratic Systems
◦ Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
◦ Sequences and Series
◦ Factorials
◦ Binomial Coefficients and the Binomial Theorem
◦ Permutations
◦ Combinations
◦ Word Problems in all areas

– Composition Books for pencil math and recording of mathematical laws, and proceedures.

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