Math 4 – Pre-Algebra – Mrs. Kessler

Open to students who successfully complete Math 1, 2 & 3

Covers Factors, Factor Trees, Prime & Composite, Exponents, Greatest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple, Ratios, Proportions.

Recognizing Groups of Numbers, Common Math Symbols, Grouping Symbols, Place Value, Rounding Off, Estimating, Divisibility Rules.

Work with Variables, Integers (Signed Numbers), Absolute Value, Rational Numbers, Order of Operations, Exponents, Square Roots, Cube Roots.

Properties of Numbers, Scientific Notation, Number Theory, Number Lines, Set Theory, Precision, Significant Digits

Coordinate Systems and Ordered Pairs, Slope, Y-Intercept, Graphing Equations.

One Step Equations, Two-Step Equations, Algebra Word Problems.

Probability, Statistics, Number Series – Arithmetic Progressions, Geometric Progressions.

Expressions and Equations

Like Terms and Terminology: Co-efficient, Variable, Powers, Degree

Solving Inequalities

Dependent and Independent Variables

Review on Geometric Formulas + Surface Area of Rectangular Solids; Pyramids
Circles & Spheres

Graphing Polygons; Triangles

Probability & Statistics

Measures of Center: Mean, Mode, Median

Statistical Questions

Describing Data

Measures of Variability: Range; Interquartile Range; Mean Absolute Deviation

Plotting Data: Stem-and-Leaf Plots; Box-and-Whisker Plots; Line Graphs; Histograms

Summarizing Data Sets

Word Problems

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