Math 3 – Fractions, Decimals, Percents & More – Mrs. Kessler

For students who have passed Math 1 & 2 Pre & Post tests.

Teaches fractions, decimals, per cents, their calculations and application and more.

Videos and PDFs coming online August-October, 2022

– Review of the WHY & Wherefore of Math
– Review of MATH 1 & 2 Facts nd Concepts every 5th lesson which is a Review lesson.
– Equal Parts, Basic Fraction Divisions, Recognizing Basic Fraction Divisions.
– Comparing Same Denominator Fractions
– Adding and Subtracting Same denominator fraction
– Writing equivalent fractions
– Reducing to lowest terms
– Adding and subtracting Improper Fractions with a common denomination
– Changing Improper Fraction to Mixed Numbers
– Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Common Denominators – including the concepts of Carrying and Borrowing.
– Reprise Prime and Composite Numbers, and Divisibility Rules
– Factor and Find Common Denominators among Fractions with unlike denominators.
– Find the LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE among Fractions with unlike denominators.
– Work addition and subtraction fraction problems with unlike denominators
– Work addition and subtraction Mixed Number Problems with unlike denominators.
– Work addition and subtraction Mixed Number Problems with unlike denominators that involve Borrowing and Carrying.
– Apply Addition and Subtraction Problems to Measurement.
– Learn Multiplication of Fractions
– Learn Multiplication of Mixed Numbers.
– Learn the Canceling Principle
– Learn Division of Fractions
– Learn Division of Mixed Numbers
– Work Fraction and Mixed Number Word Problems involving Multiplication and Division
– Time-out for COMPLEX Fraction!
– Review Decimal Adding and Subtracting.
– Learn Decimal Place Values to the right of the decimal to the millionths.
– Multiply Decimal Numbers
– Learn to Correctly Divide Decimal Numbers
– Learn What to Do if Regular Long Division Ends in a Repeating Decimal.
– Learn to easily change fractions to decimals and decimals to fraction with the lowest terms.
– Add or subtract 3 or more fractions in a set.
– Apply the Order of Operations and the Distributive and Associative Properties to Fraction and Mixed Number Problems.
– Also learn about Braces, Brackets & Parentheses
– Apply Fractions to Word Problems Using All Operations and Properties – Especially in the case of Measurements
– Time-out for Metric-American Measures Comparisons, Equivalents, and Unit Conversions
– Review Data Analysis and add Line Graphs; Stem and Leaf Plots
– Introduction to Per Cents – The Meaning and THE BOX.
– Figuring Per cent of Increase or Decrease
– Working Per cent Word Problems
– How to find Pre cents equivalents for Decimals and Fractions
– Memorization of The Common Fraction-Decimal-Per Cent Equivalents Chart
– More practice on Lapsed Time
– Long Division with Fraction Remainders
– Long Division with Repeating Decimals
– Introduction and Practice with Roman Numerals: I, V, X, L, C, D and M
– Learn to Solve Two-Step Story Problems and Problems with Extra Information
– Practice Rounding with Decimals
– Learn Circle Geometry – Names of Parts, Circumference and Area Formulas
– Learn to make Circle Graphs
– Learn How to Multiply Compound Measures
– Take & Pass MATH 3 PRE & POST TEST

– Colored 3″ x 5″ index cards to Learn Metric Measures and other Concepts, Laws, Properties and Operations, etc.
– White 3″ x 5″ index cards for dividers in the Math 3 Card Deck.
– Composition Books, at lest 2, to record Metric Measures and other Operations, Properties, Laws, etc. and also to show How to Work and then work the practice problems.
– Drawing Compass. Geometry Kit with ruler, Drawing Compass, Protractor, etc. would be a good purchase at this point.
– Course Downloads

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