Math 3 – Prof B Level 3


Now Available in PDF format.  For Ages 10-12 and older remedial learners

Required:  Power Learning Parent/Teacher Manual and Workbook 3, $57.00 @


  • Review
  • Multiplication and division of Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Metric System
  • Percents
  • Real-life Word Problems
  • Measurement:  Linear, Volume & Time

.  The math course is mostly verbal, as verbal teaching of mathematics has proven to be the best method to assure student understanding and success.  See Introduction to Math:  Math 0.

From the publisher:

  • Power Learning Book 3 – For 5th through 7th graders and remediation of older learners. Original and effective methods for thorough understanding and mastery of multiplication/division of fractions, the decimal and metric systems, operations on decimals, transforming among fractions/decimals/percents and rounding off. Your learners should complete Book III in 10 months or less.
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