Mathematics 1 A – Beginning Math for Ages 3-7


For ages 3-7.  PDF ONLY as the young child learns better with the interaction of a live, in-home tutor.  Adjust the pace to your child’s learning abilities.    Two Learning Streams: 90 Concept & Facts Lessons; 90 Add-on Skills Lessons.  May do one lesson a day for each stream each for a half year course, or the preferred way, alternate lesson streams for a full 180 day course..


The Beehive math program has been innovative, using tried and true techniques and some newer ones. In 2009, our students in the 2nd-4th grade class, took a nationally-normed third grade math test. The individual average score was the 92nd percentile! That means that they did better on the test than 92 out of a 100 kids who took it. We expect that those taking the Homeschool courses will do as well, if not better! 🙂

Scope and Objectives:

  • Learn quantities through ten.

  • Learn the numerals 0 through 100.

  • Learn addition and subtraction facts through 10.

  • Learn plane and solid figures.

  • Learn spatial reasoning.

  • Learn time by the hour and minute.

  • Learn A.M. and P.M. and their significance.

  • Learn the calendar: months, days, and more.

  • Also learn size, patterns, classifying, money, counting to 100, tally marks, picture graphs, bar graphs, tables, number lines, even-odd, ordinal numbers

Materials Required:

  • 100 – 3” x 5” index cards, colored, and a 100 card pack of white.

  • No. 29 rubber bands.

  • Black marker – Sharpie fine or medium point.

  • Shoe Box

  • Analog and digital clocks.

  • Twelve month calendar.

  • Two rolls of pennies, one of nickels, one of dimes, one of quarters, two fifty cent pieces, 1-20 dollar bill, 2-ten dollar bills; 4-five dollar bills.

  • Mighty Mind Original Edition – shapes and cards, $19.50. (Available through

  • Pack of construction paper, No. 10 business or 5” x 8” manila envelops for making and holding homemade resources.

  • Ruler, set of measuring spoons and cups, tape, yard or meter stick, pints, quarts, gallon containers; scales – kitchen and bathroom, indoor and outdoor thermometers, drawing compass.

  • Plain painting paper, paints and brushes; scissors, transparent type tape.

Not all of these need to be purchased at once. Look ahead about 3 to 4 weeks to see what is needed and purchase as needed.

Course Format:

  • The course has two lessons a day from each of the streams: Concepts & Facts, and Add-on Skills.

  • The brain learns in twenty minute increments. That is why we have two sessions.

  • The lessons may be taught separately – which is what is recommended – or together for older students who probably already know the information.

  • There are 72 regular lessons, supplemented by Friday Rs reviews.

  • Many resources are home made.

Lesson Format:

  • Always begin with prayer – if desired.

  • Always do your basic Brain Gym® exercises and any two other exercises dealing with math.

  • Review your math cards that are still behind 1-5 in the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. See Success Skills 2.

  • Do the lesson for the day.

  • Clean-up.

  • Closing prayer.

Lesson Grid:

The instruction for the two lessons of the day are given side-by-side in the lesson grid.

The Concepts & Facts Lesson is first, on the left side of the page; the Add-On Skills are on the right side of the page.

Friday Rs are included in the grid to encourage every-five-day review.

Beginning Supplies:

  • 3” x 5” cards – colored and white

  • Black marker as above

  • Rubber bands

  • Construction paper – multi-colored pack

  • Painting paper

  • Paints and brushes – tempura or acrylic washable recommended.

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Envelops

  • Pennies

  • Shoe box or other like container.

  • Clock

  • Calendar

  • Mighty Mind Original Edition on order – Starts the 5th week of the class.

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