Math 00 – Preschool Math

Available in the Parent Handbook Section; PDF ONLY – Taught by Parents

For Young Children Age 3

NOTE: There is a total of 100 lessons including the mid-course and final examinations. This does NOT mean that it is a 100 day course. ALWAYS pace a class according to how quickly your child solidly learns a concept. “SOLIDLY” means he can repeat the exercises or knowledge correctly over a period of time. SO, GO YOUR CHILD’S PACE, neither slowing him down – frustrating him, or hurrying him up – also frustrating him. In essence: Follow the Spirit as you teach.

– Learn Numerals and Quantities
– Learn Beginning Math Symbols
– Learn the Calendar
– Learn Days of the Week
– Learn Months of the Year
– Learn the Number of Days in each Month
– Learn Written Number Names: One, Two, Three, etc. through Ten
– Learn Fun Math Games
– Learn Pennies, Nickels and Dimes
– Learn the Concept of 10s: 10, 20, 30 etc.
– Counting through 100
– Uses Games. Poems and Songs to help learn concepts
– Introduces Ten Frames
– Learn Numerical Order
– Learn to correctly print the numerals
– Use a Hundred Number Chart
– Learn Skip Counting by 10s
– Learn all numbers 11 through 100 in their quantities
– Math the numeral and the word for numbers above 10 through 100
– Putting the Numerals 1-100 in order
– Learn Counting by 5s
– Learn the Concept of Evens and Odds
– Learn Counting by 2s
– Learn Counting by 3s
– Learn to Tell Time using the “TELLING TIME ADDENDUM”

Materials and Resources
– 3” x 5” colored index cards – two multi-color packs of one hundred cards with four colors in them; one white pack of 100 cards; two packs of 100 cards, each of a color NOT in the multi-colored pack.
– 100 Number Chart – included at the end of this Introductory
– Twelve Month Wall Calendar of the current year.
– Black marker – medium (Preferably) or fine tip
– Scissors or paper-cutter
– Two bank rolls of 50 pennies, one roll of dimes.
– Ten 10 Frames
– Course Download – 51 pages/ 26 double-sided
– Telling Time Addendum – part of Course Download. 5 pages/ 3 double-sided

Note 2: Preparation of Materials will take a bit of time and effort. But as in all things of value, it’s worth it.

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