AAA MATH – Overview

We recommend 4 different math curricula and support 2 of them.

FIRST, is our own – AAA Math, which we have formulated after years of teaching our own children, some of our grandchildren, and many students in the 20+ years of our school.

It covers Preschool through high school and adds two Life of Fred courses – Calculus and Statistics as we can do no better then Fred did.

AAA math courses are taught through PDFs and parents in the first two years. Then, they are taught through Mrs. K. on video with accompanying PDF problems sets for each lesson. Finally, we defer to Life of books Fred for Calculus and Statistics. Life of Fred also has several college level course books which allow the extension of math through the first two years or more of college.

Second, we recommend what we have come to call DELUXE Math. This consists of MIQUON MATH for the first year, and Life of Fred Math thereafter. IF we had not created our own, we would choose these series. They are a little pricey, but they are good. What we like so much about Fred is that the books also teach about so many other things, particularly life – the way it ought to be lived, plus anecdotes about historical figures and event. Also, math concepts and facts are not spoon-fed. Students must use their gray matter and think, thus increasing their capacity to think. These series take the student far beyond the normal core curriculum. They are also fun, highly informative and just plain enjoyable!

Our third pick is Abeka math. No Frills. But, it also can be pricey with new editions, work and answer books. Our friend who taught her own, grandchildren, and Special Ed in the public schools really likes this series.

Our fourth, and final pick is Saxon Math. Kids in our school really excelled using Saxon, – the Old Saxon, when it was more of a homeschool than public school curriculum. Now, it is quite pricey. If you can find old texts, go for it.

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