Math 0: 3 Yr. Old Preschool Math – Math Foundations

Foundations Math – 3 Yr. Old Preschool


Format: PDFs and Adjuncts

Length: 100 Lessons; Self-Paced

Course Parts: 3 Page Parent Introductory and Preparatory; The 100 Lessons; Number Frames Download; 100 Number Chart Download; Resource Clock Download; Telling Time Addendum


Learning Numbers: Quantity, Numerals, and Words 1-10 with Games
Days of the Week: Songs and Poems
0: Concept, Quantity, Numeral, and Word
Number Counting: Poems and Songs
Numeral Order
Months of the Year: Poems and Songs
Concept of 10s
Place Value
Pennies and Dimes
10-ones = 1 – ten
100 Number Chart
Counting to 20
Counting to 100
Mid-Course Review (Exam)
Writing Numbers
More Number Poems
Counting by 10’s; b6 5′, by 2’s
Evens and Odds
Final Review (Exam)
Telling Time – This is woven into the regular class at specific times in the curriculum.

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