Math 0 – Subject Introduction


Mathematics has three possible entry streams:  Professor B Math (ProB), Life of Fred Math (LOF), and Mrs. K. Math (MKM).  Each has its strengths.

Professor B (ProfB) allows students to be ready for Algebra after three years of elementary math and is a world class program that makes math easy to understand.  It begins by using the fingers to learn quantities and facts then graduates to other techniques.  It is pure math covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents. It requires supplementation in practical application areas such as time, calendar, measurement, geometry, etc.  If you want your student to be great at computational math, this is the program for you.  However, Professor B takes extra prep time to read and learn how to implement the parent/teacher manual.  Only the Manual and workbook program is recommended as it is more thorough.  Cost per year:  Level 1 – $76.00; Levels 2 & 3 – $57.00 each.

Life of Fred is a fun and masterful series for the student who is willing and capable of thinking through and discovering math concepts on his own.  It requires the student to think through solutions to real life application of the math he is learning.  That is the strength of the Life of Fred program.  We offer a semester introduction as Life of Fred (LOF) requires the student to already know his addition facts through 10.  From there the program offers 10 hardcover, reusable elementary books for 1st -4th grades, and three intermediate books for 4th through 6th grades at $16.00 each.  The program continues with a Fractions book and Decimals and Percents book each $19.00, plus three Pre-Algebra volumes at $29.00 each.  From there the program sports Algebra I & 2, Geometry, and Trigonometry, each  $39.00.  The program extends into a college series:  Two years of Calculus,(49); a year of Statistics, ($49);  plus Linear Algebra, ($52); Upper Division Math Sampler, ($19);  and Real Analysis, ($39).  We recommend this series if you want a series that will extend from beginning through college.

Mrs. K. Math (MKM) blends traditional math with modern concepts and requirements.  It is the math we offer in the LIVE online program and uses features of both Professor B and Life of Fred, as well as Mrs. K’s experience of three decades of teaching and tutoring math from preschool through beginning college.  It emphasizes computation, concepts, and real life application. Mrs. K. Math is being developed and put online as it is being taught.  Only Levels One through Five will be available for the 2020-2021 school year.  Level 1 – Addition & Subtraction, Plus; Level 2 – Multiplication & Division, Plus; Level 3 – Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Plus; Level 4 – Pre-Algebra, Plus, and Level 5 – Algebra, Plus.   Cost is your monthly sign-up fee, plus – if you wish to print-out the lessons and worksheets, paper and ink.

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