Math 0 – Subject Introduction – Read Before Selecting a Numbered Course

Math is taught on an individual basis.

Math courses range from Preschool and Kindergarten (in the Parent Handbook area) through Calculus and Statistics.

FREE TESTING is available for ALL students, whether in St. George Classes, the Online Academy or using the Homeschool Curriculum.

Testing consists of one or more tests to access what a student knows.

All begin with the Math 1 Pre & Post Test.

This test helps assign students to Preschool Math, Kindergarten Math or Math 1.
Usually we find that a student needs a review or do few lessons on something pertaining to the Math 1 course.

When Math 1 is thoroughly mastered, the Math 2 Pre & Post Test is administered.
Here the student learns what he does not know in Math 2.

When he has mastered Math 2, he is given the Math 3 Pre & Post Test.
And, so it continues through Math 10 – if the student wishes to go that far.

In this way, Mathematical “Potholes” – missing information in a student’s math education – are filled-in so he can have a smoother ride as he advances through the Math curriculum.

Math 7, Algebra 2, is required for graduation.

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