Math B – Sequential Processing of 1 through 5 – PreK-2nd – Online


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What is ‘Sequential Processing?’

It is the ability to glance at something for a moment – a few seconds (no more than 3) to a split-second and be able to recall accurately the content and order of the content you saw.

It also works for verbal sequential processing.

Being able to do sequential processing through 5 items is most helpful in learning to read and to do and understand math. So, of course, we include it here.

It contains practice for sequential processing from 1 to 5 items. The average of persons today is to be able to recall 5 to 6 items. This is somewhat below what the average ability of the populace was a few decades go. Generally speaking, we are moving in the wrong direction.

Therefore, the NACD, the National Association for Child Development, was on a crusade a few years ago to raise the ability of sequential processing in the general public to a level of 7+ items. We heartily concur. This is one of those “You have to work at it” things. But, it is well worth it.

Take it slow and easy until you are perfect on a level, then move-up to the next level’s challenge.

Sequential Processing may go fast for the first few levels and then prove a bit harder. Stay with it. We expect the following.

Pre-K – Process 4 items correctly.
K – Process 5 items correctly.
1st-2nd – Process 6 items correctly.
3rd – 6th – Process 7 items correctly.
Keep working on this during grades 7-12.
You just don’t know: YOU might process 8 and then 9 items.
If you do so, more brain power to you.
It IS Possible!

This course requires the PDF and Cards made from the PDF.

It should take no more than 5 minutes a day, and should be done daily during your school time.

Those who have succeeded in this have increased their brain power allowing them to learn faster and with greater accuracy.

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