Live Online Class 5 – First Year High School


1st year of High School.  Ages 12 & up.  Earlier by examination.  Matches the intent of early American education in 8 years of schooling and then being ready for college!

Each student takes a diagnostic test after he enrolls.  Thereafter, Language Arts and Math are taught on an individualized basis according to each student’s needs.


  • The Old Testament, Part One includes books of Abraham, Moses, and the Old Testament from Genesis through II Kings.
  • Language Arts:  Review of the conventions of English, emphasis on the novel, required:  the Ben Benhunin Triology – Remembering Isaac, Discovering Isaac, Becoming Isaac; reading classics; writing a novella.  Speech includes storytelling and interpretive readings.  Success & Study Skills 5:  The Secrets of Genius.    4 days a week.
  • John A Widstoe Reading Club with rewards for number of pages and number of books read.
  • Mathematics:  Algebra i ala Life of Fred and Mrs. K’s additions. 4 days a week.
  • Eight Week course in Financial Literacy.
  • World History:  Review of the timeline and the previous courses, plus emphasis on religion and the part it has played in world history.  Fall Semester. 4 days a week.
  • US History: Review of previous courses and the timeline with emphasis on the role religion played in the formation of the Constitution and the resulting government.  Founders’ original intent.  Required:  The Founders’ Bible.  Winter-Spring semester.  4 days a week.
  • Science:  High School Biology – Faith-Based.  4 days a week.
  • Forensics:  Discussing issues of the day; thought-provoking questions, plus speeches  more in-depth.   Weekly on Fridays.
  • Assessment Time:  Games individually and in groups checking on what was learned during the week.  Weekly on Fridays.

      • Old Testament – Bible – $17.00 Pearl of Great Price – $9.75-$11.25 (Triple Combo)

      • Benhunin Trilogy: Remembering Isaac, Discovering Isaac, Becoming Isaac – $59.97

      • The Secrets of Genius – $13.99 new

      • The 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me – $20.00 hardcover; less used.

      • The Founders’ Bible – $69.95+

      • Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition – $67.99; less used.


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