Live Online Class 4


This class if for those ages 10-14 ready for middle school work or need some remedial help or help catching-up.


  • Doctrine and Covenants  and Our Heritage cover the founding era of the Church and the Scripture  that resulted.  Emphasis is placed on history as well as the lessons, principles and commandments in the Doctrine and Covenants.  4 days a week.
  • Language Arts reviews all previous course content to assure that the students are well-grounded in the conventions of the English language. Reading, research, and reports regarding non-fiction topics is emphasized.  Journalistic and forensic standards are applied.  Vocabulary expansion with Greek & Latin Roots II.  Specific books required:  Boys Who Became Prophets I Walked to Zion.  Also covered Spanish 3; Study and Success Skills 4.  4 days a week.
  • Mathematics:  Pre-Algebra.  Review of previous courses, then coverage of the Life of Fred Pre-Algebra trilogy with emphasis on the application of the topic in regard to Physics, Biology, and Economics. 4 days a week.
  • World History – Reviewing the timeline with emphasis on Culture and the Family throughout history.  Find-out how various peoples actually lived their daily lives.  4 days a week, Fall semester.
  • US History – Reviewing the timeline with emphasis on Culture and Family Life throughout the history of the United States.  Additional emphasis on the War for Independence, the Miracles involved in the rise and establishment of the nation, and the basics of the US Constitution. 4 days a week, Winter-Spring semester.
  • Science in the Atomic Age: Overview of many disciplines; concentration on Chemistry, Human Biology & Earth’s Biological Systems.  Faith-Based.  4 days a week.
  • Forensics:  Review of basic speech conventions and exploration of more advanced ones.  Weekly on Fridays.
  • Assessment Time:  Individual and group games  examining the knowledge gained by the student over the week.  Weekly on Fridays.

    • Doctrine and Covenants – (Triple Combination) $9.75-$11.25 & Our Heritage – $1.80

    • Boys Who Became Prophets – $7.99

    • I Walked to Zion – $9.99-$14.99 new; less used

    • You Have a Brain – Ben Carson, 2016, Paperback – $8.99

    • Science in the Atomic Age – Berean Builders – $59.00 / audiobook – $19.00

    • US Constitution – $0.99 @

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