Live Online Class 2


This class is for those who have conquered basic reading, and addition and subtraction or those who are older and need to have remedial assistance.

It is  primarily for ages 6-9.


  • Book of Mormon read through. Emphasis is on recounting the stories, vocabulary and reading fluency. Book of Mormon Stories is used by the students as needed.  4 days a week.
  • Language Arts covers a review of Class one content and adds – cursive penmanship, spelling, writing paragraphs, stories, and reports; work on grammar, diagramming; Children’s Literature, Homonyms, Study and Success Skills through Level 2.  If the class is able, Spanish 1 is added.  4 days a week.
  • John A. Widstoe Reading Club. Learn about this modern-day Apostle and gain rewards for reading a set number of pages and a set number of books.
  • Mathematics covers a review, plus multiplication and division, plus a bit about fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, measurement and many other topics.  Also covers Financial Literacy 2. 4 days a week.
  • World history recounts many events and emphasizes geography, principles involved in history, and construction and memorization of a timeline used throughout succeeding courses. 4 days a week fall semester.
  • US History recounts many events with an emphasis on geography, principles involved in history, and construction and memorization of a timeline. 4 days a week, Winter-Spring semester.
  • Science covers Earth and Life Sciences a bit more in-depth.  Includes activities and experiments.  4 days a week.
  • Forensics Forum includes giving oral reports and various kinds of speeches, plus thoughts on a particular topic. Weekly on Fridays
  • Assessment Time – Weekly on Fridays: Individual and Group games to determine the extent to which the individual student has a grasp of what was studied in a particular week.

    • Copy of the Book of Mormon $3.00-$3.50

    • Benjamin Franklin’s Art of Virtue Journal – $9.95

    • How to Be Good at Science, Technology and Engineering- $25.71 Hardback; $15.89 Paperback; Less used.

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