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Three Units

Unit 0-A – Preliminaries 1: Orientation to Language Arts
Introduction – What IS Language Arts?
Lesson 1 – The Purposes of Language Arts, Pt 1: Digging Into Scriptures and the History of Language Arts
Lesson 2 – The Purposes of Language Arts, Pt 2: Our Daily Practice
Lesson 3 – Beginning- Becoming More Like Our Father in Heaven
Unit Quiz

Unit 0-B – Preliminaries 2: Two Components of Learning – Learning by Study and Also by Faith
Introduction & Lesson 1 – Video – The main purpose of this Unit is to set forth the two ways we learn: by study and also by faith. (Doctrine and Covenants 88:118)
It expounds on the fact that learning is work: mental, physical and spiritual.
It also teaches the reality that sometimes it is hard work, but not to dismay. It is intended that way, to help us grow. Hard work helps us grow and become more like Our Father in Heaven.
Lesson 2 – Learning by the Spirit – The Story of Joshua – PDF
Lesson 3 – Learning by the Spirit – The Story of Mamie – PDF
Lesson 4 – The Prayer Chain Project – PDF
The Prayer Chain – PDF

Unit 0-C – Preliminaries 3: The Third Way We Learn – Experience
Introduction – The Scriptural Foundation for Experience
Lesson 1 – What God Teaches Us – Our Father’s Knowledge and Wisdom – Order, Records, and Line Upon Line
Lesson 2 – What Others Teach Us – The Experience of Others – Records Emphasized
PDF – The Assignment Notebook