2022-2023 Course for Ages 6 & 7: Foundations of Literature – Mrs. Kessler

For Ages 6 & 7 – PDFs and Video available as the course is taught in the 2022-2023 school year.

This is the Literature portion of the first Language Arts class.
Students will
1 – become familiar with different forms of literature
2 – learn early childhood rhymes and poetry
3 – read and learn Bible stories foundational to the literary classics
4 – participate in the Language Arts Literature and Special Topics course currently being taught to students ages 8-11. For 2022-2023 this is Biography, Research and Journalism and will entail writing a short auto-biography, plus research and writing biographies of close family members, and finally write who-what-where-when-how & why stories for the school blog.
5 – read “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids” and practice implementing the principles into their daily activities.

A current copy of THE FRIEND. Subscription $8.00 a store.churchofjesuschrist.com
Old New Testament Stories and New Testament Stories as published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These books, $4.75 and $4.10, respectively, are written for young readers and are well-illustrated. Note: If you have the pre-2022 Editions, they are better. Hold on to them!

Through reading these scripture storybooks the student gains a knowledge of the foundation stories of classic literature contained in the Bible, and an awareness of the meanings of allusions to them. Also, reading these stories gives students a good moral foundation and helps to increase their faith and spiritual understanding.

Additionally, students are initiated into the John A. Widstoe Reading Club, which requires that they work-up to at first being read-to for thirty minutes a day, and then reading to themselves for thirty minutes a day.

Elder Widstoe recommended reading thirty minutes a day in a General Conference address. He extolled the virtues, wisdom, and learning resultant from such a practice. Hence: The John A. Widstoe Reading Club. Records are kept and recognition and prizes available to those you meet certain goals.

Course 1 is rotated every other year with Foundations of Literature 2
The student readers for Course 2 are Book of Mormon Stories and Doctrine and Covenant Stories. These, too, teach family and moral behavior and are available from www.store.churchof jesuschrist.org for small cost. In Course 2, the students read “The Children’s Book of Virtues,” by William Bennett and discuss the virtues and principles involved as they relate to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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