This is the very first course in Language Arts.

It is PDF ONLY and is found in the Parent Handbook area under Preschool.
Within the VIDEO and PDF ACCESS it is called: ECED 3-4, Pt. 1 and Pt 2.

Note: This course was originally written as a year round course for preschoolers and remains in that format. However, we highly recommend that parents follow the Spirit in the pace they use with the courses. Most preschoolers can finish this course within a school year’s time, if not shorter.

– Learning the letters through a number of hands-on activities.
– Learning to print them correctly. Not forming letters correctly can actually lead to “dis-abilities”!
– Learning the 25 MOST COMMON WORDS, which unlocks approximately 1/3 of the words on a written page!
– Spelling of the 25 Most Common Words and other simple words from the readings.
– Listening to Scripture Stories from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Scripture Storybooks – Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, Book of Mormon Stories and/or Doctrine and Covenants Stories five days a week. Parents are encouraged to use the Scripture Storybook that corresponds to the book of Scriptures currently being studied by the Church.
– Reading and listening to stories and articles three days a week found in The FRIEND, the children’s magazine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
– Reading and listening – 2 days a week to Nursery Rhymes or uplifting moral stories.

– Books as mentioned previously
– **Educational Insights Multi-colored Alpha Magnets and & Math Magnets, 214 pieces. $18.49 at amazon. Some used sets available. Set includes 52 upper case magnetic letters, 106 lowercase, 40 numbers, and & 16 math symbols.
– A pound of reusable clay in four colors.
– A cup of salt or sand.
– A metal or aluminum pie tin.
– A set of finger paints, along with a roll of freezer paper. If you make your own finger paint – there are many recipes on the internet! – (Ziploc has come out with some cute little 4 ounce containers with tops. They come in packs of 8 for about $3.50, and are perfect for mixing and holding the paint and storing it between uses.)
– A pack of white cardstock, 250 sheets – you don’t need a full ream. In fact, 70 sheets would do.
– A composition book – wide-lined or college ruled. Just use three lines and the two spaces between to use for your own wide-ruled paper.
– A dozen or so No. 2 pencils and 2 or 3 large size pink erasers.
– Subscription to the Friend.
– Library Card

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