LANGUAGE ARTS CONVENTIONS 0 – Introduction – Read Before Selecting a Numbered Course

Language Arts Conventions is taught individually.

Language Arts Conventions begins with Preschool and Kindergarten courses in the Parent Handbook area.

They continue here and are numbered LAC 1 through 10.

Placement in the Language Arts Conventions courses is by testing.

Testing is FREE and is available to all students, whether in St. George classes, the Online Academy, or using the recorded PDF & Video Homeschool Curriculum.

Everyone begins with the LAC 1 Pre & Post Test. It is the longest and most rigorous. It contains all the phonics, syllabication and accent Rules and more. Whether a student lands in Preschool, Kindergarten or Language Arts Conventions 1 is determined by this test.

Usually the student needs a little refresher on what is contained in LAC 1 and so begins his work here. After he masters the LAC 1 information, he challenges the test again. Usually students pass and move on to take the LAC 2 Pre & Post Test.

They repeat the protocol by learning or reviewing what they have not mastered in LAC 2, repeat the test, and move-on to the LAC 3 Pre & Post Test. And so the cycle goes on through LAC 10. The climax is passing the GED Prep in LAC 10.

Working their way up through the Language Arts Conventions curriculum in this manner assures that students have a thorough and firm foundation in the Language Arts Conventions.

Language Arts Conventions include phonics, syllabication and accent rules, grammar, capitalization and punctuation, the basics of literature, composition, introduction to public speaking, spelling and vocabulary, and induction into the John A. Widstoe Reading Club.

LAC 10 is required for graduation.

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