LANGUAGE ARTS CONVENTIONS 000 – K4/5 – Reading and Writing Basics – Mrs. Kessler

THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY IN REVISION. It will be ready by August 11, 2022.

It is being changed from Strictly PDF to Video Lessons and PDF.

This course is for those who have taken Preschool Language Arts 00, or are just beginning to learn to read, or those whose testing showed a deficit in the material covered within the course. For the latter group, only those portions showing deficits need be covered. To repeat everything for this latter group would be discouraging and totally unnecessary.

It is Recommended as the BEGINNING COURSE for most in Language Arts.

There are a stated number of lessons. However, each child is different and will absorb the lessons at a different pace.

For older students, reviewing parts of this course may take a few days or weeks. For younger students just starting to learn phonics and reading, it is expected that it will take them the full academic year, give or take a bit depending upon their capacity for learning.

It is up to the parent or teacher to use wisdom, and seek the Spirit to know how to pace their child’s learning.

The course is based upon explicit phonics which is now sweeping the country and being mandated by state legislatures. Explicit phonics in its true meaning is nothing more or less than the good old traditional way of teaching reading. The most successful systems of reading instruction, Spalding, Riggs, and Rod & Staff, and ours, the Beehive LDS Schooling method are all based on explicit phonics.

NOTE: The Literature element for most Language Arts Levels (1-10) is taught in a separate course. However, the pertinent beginning Literature elements are taught within this course.

– How Mankind Learned to Read and Write
– Why Mankind Learned to Read and Write
– Alphabet Phonic
– Advanced Phonics
– Blends
– Correct Letter Formation – Necessary to avoid learned habits that impede learning to read and write correctly.
– What is a Sentence?
– Types of Sentences.
– Writing of Sentences.
– Beginning of understanding predicate and subject by diagramming of simple sentences.
– Writing of Short Reports and Stories
– Daily Journaling
– Vocabulary: The First 300 Most Common Words used in written English, plus the most common words used in the Scriptures and in writings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
– Spelling: Word Grid Words; Plurals, Possessives, Contractions, Compounds and the Most Common Words
– Syllabication and Accent Rules
– Reading of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Scripture Story Readers: Whichever one or ones are correlated to the Scripture the Church is currently studying –
Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, Book of Mormon Stories, or Doctrine and Covenants Stories
– Introduction to Literary types and terms: fiction, nonfiction; prose and poetry; informative, entertaining, or both; forms: novels, short story, poem, magazine article, instructive essay.
– Reading and application of The 7 habits of Happy Kids and The Children’s Book of Virtues.
– Poetry memorization.
– Participation the John A. Widstoe Reading Club – Reading for 30 minutes a day!

– Handwriting Chart and Instructions – Download
– Beginning Phonics Cards – Download
– Blends Cards – Download
– Advanced Phonics Cards – Download
– Syllabication and Accent Rules Cards – Download
– Beehive Brain Box Learning System – Download
– The 300 Most Common Words Flashcards Download
– Beginning Parts of Speech Download
– Composition Books – 2 or more
– 6-10 #2 pencils
– Large pink erasers
– Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Reader or Readers – whichever correlates to the book of Scripture the Church is studying when the student takes this class.
Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, Book of Mormon Stories, Doctrine and Covenants Stories – each about $4.25 at or
– The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey – New: $19.99 or Used $1.81 at amazon.
– The Children’s Book of Virtues by William C. Bennett – New $28.00 or $13.49; Used – $2.08 at amazon.
– Library Card

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