Language Arts Literature & Special Topics 8 – Journalism, Research & Biography – Offered 2022

PDF & Video High School Level
Not Yet Available
PDF due Fall, 2022 – Video will Follow as course is taught 2022-2023

Prerequisite to taking this course is passing the Conventions of English Basic Competency Exam located at Language Arts Conventions, Level 7, within the PDF and Video Access.

Senior High types are well-advised to learn about journalism and research. Both involve integrity in research and reporting.

Those who take this or courses of like ilk are well-prepared to act in the public sector to extoll the virtues of causes they support and expose policies which they abhor.

Course Content:
Tenets of true Journalism with practice in the school Blog.
Research on topics, plus a research project presented by paper and orally.
Readings in American Beginnings, plus biographies of American Founders and others.
Writing of one’s own biography, including one’s heritage and birth to the present.

– High School Journalism: A Practical Guide by Jim Streisel $29.49
– AP Style Book: 55th Edition $16.79

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