Language Arts 7: Survey of Virtuous British Literature

Video and PDF

Not Currently Available

To take this course, students must pass the BASIC CONVENTIONS of ENGLISH EXAM offered aa Language Arts 5.0 within the PDF & Video Access.

Said exam will be available in late September.

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact us through our contact page. Thank you.

Survey of Virtuous British Literature, contents:

• Review of Previous Work – A summary exam to find-out what is known and mastered and what isn’t.
• Work on not-yet-mastered material
• Informative Speech
• Entertaining Speech
• Continuation of the Study of the Elements of Literature
• Study of British Literature through The Book of Virtues and selected British novels
• Writing of Poetry
• Writing of Short Stories

– The Book of Virtues by William Bennett
– Library access to borrow English novels

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