Language Arts 3: Grammar & Roots

Beginning availability – Week of September 13. Video & PDF

It is expected at this point that the student knows his phonics and spelling.
If not, we suggest starting at a lower Level.
Since this is HOME SCHOOL, students can advance at their own pace.
Going to a lower Level and being able to advance faster is much better than starting at a higher Level and not understanding or being able to keep-up.

Course contents:

• Review of previous work.
• Study of grammar to mastery.
• Study of Greek and Latin Roots
• Reading of Childhood Classics – no witchcraft, magic, etc. allowed.
• Study of the elements of a story or novel.
• Study of Capitalization to Mastery
• Most Frequent Punctuation Marks Mastery

Also: John A. Widstoe Rading Club.

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