Language Arts 2: Review, Reading & Writing Progress

This is a PDF & Video Course. Availability: Beginning Week of September 13 Age range is not as important as skill level. Check Level One for the knowledge expected at the start of this Level.

Note: If the child has not been exposed to both beginning and advanced phonics previously, or the syllabications rules, it might be best to start with Unit II in Level One. This would give a much better foundation as Level 2 is a review of that material, and then moves rather quickly forward.

• Review of previous work.
• Writing in paragraphs
• Writing of stories
• Writing of reports.
• Oral reports
• Oral interpretive readings
• Spelling
• Homonyms, synonyms, antonyms.
• More diagramming of sentences.
• Emphasis on reading skill acceleration, especially in fluency and comprehension.

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