Language Arts Literature & Special Topics 12 – Carson and Kwik Readings Course II – Not Yet Available

Advanced Learning Level 2

Why Carson and Kwik Reading Course II?

One such course is NOT enough! 🙂

Dr. Ben Carson, world renowned pediatric brain surgeon, and Mr. Jim Kwik, world renowned learning coach, both had hard luck beginnings. One was born in poverty, but had a mother who was inspired to have him read, read, read. This resulted in him changing from the dumbest kid in his grade to being regarded as the smartest. The other started out ok, but hit his head on a radiator in kindergarten and suffered from brain challenges. He experienced further injury later. He was fortunate enough to have a father of a friend act as his mentor and direct him to read, read, read.

Both men succeeded because each learned to learn by READING. They learned more than their peers by reading. And, most important of all, they literally expanded their brains and the capacity of their brains, their ability to hold and recall information because of their habit of reading.

Our final courses in Language Arts, our Capstone Courses are named in their honor, and in gratitude for their example.

PDF & Video Not Yet Available

Prerequisite to taking this course is passing the Basic English Competency Exam located at Language Arts 6.0 within the PDF and Video Access.

When the Exam is passed,

It’s Your Choice of CLEP or AP Electives to Earn College Credit (See AP and CLEP ICON in Courses Grid) or

The Ascent Advantage Academy CARSON & KWIK READING COURSE I:

The course is reminiscent of those selections used for Great Books courses at some of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges.

Selections will be uplifting, informative, thought-provoking, and edifying.

Selections have not yet been finalized, but will be noteworthy selections from throughout history, including the Scriptures, and works of Latter-Day Saint authors.

If you are perusing our course offerings and have had experience in teaching or taking such a course, please get in touch.


Your paperback or hardback copies of the course readings. “Yours” because we expect you will be making markings.

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