Language Arts Literature & Special Topics 10 – Speech, Debate and Propaganda – Offered 2024

Video & PDF Taught in Levels 7-10 in the Academy
Equates to Junior-Senior Years High School Level
Taught in a four year rotation with other Level 7-10 LA Lit & Special Topics Courses.

Not Yet Available – Slated for 2024-205 in the In-Person and Online Academies
Homeschool PDF course coming Fall, 2022

Prerequisite to taking this course is passing the Conventions of English Basic Competency Exam located at Language Arts Conventions, Level 7, within the PDF and Video Access.

This is an in-depth study of
1) Human communications, interpersonal and public via Messages by McKay, Davis & Fanning.
2) Debate via Competitive Debate by Edwards
3) Propaganda and its uses via Propaganda by Bernays and Age of Propaganda by Pratkanis & Aronson.

Messages and Propaganda: Interpersonal and Other Communications, contents:

Part One – Messages
• Public Speaking
• Interviewing
• Listening
• Self-Disclosure
• Expressing
• Body Language
• Paralanguage and Metamessages
• Hidden Agendas
• Transactional Analysis
• Clarifying Language
• Assertiveness Training
• Prejudgment
• Making Contact
• Influencing Others
• Communicating with Children
• Family Communications
• Couple Skills
• Fair Fighting-Validation Skills-Negotiation

Part Two: Debate Training
* The Value of Debate
* Making Sense of argument
* Getting the Most out of Research
* Choosing the Debate Format that is Right for You
* An Introduction to Policy Debate
* Affirmative Case Structures in Policy Debate
* Negative Strategy in Policy Debate
* The Role of the counterplan in Policy Debate
* Cross-Examination Technique in Policy Debate
* Critiques in Policy Debate
* In Introduction to Lincoln-Douglas Debate
* Value Hierarchies and Philosophy in Lincoln-Douglas Debate
* Affirmative Casing in Lincoln-Douglas Debate
* Negative Strategy in Lincoln-Douglas Debate
* Cross-Examination Technique in Lincoln-Douglas Debate
* Format and Speaker Burdens in Public Forum Debate
* The Media Model in Public Forum Debate
* Strategy in Public Forum Debates

Part Three: Propaganda & The Age of Propaganda
• The Psychology of Everyday Persuasion
• Pre-Persuasion: Setting the Stage for Effective Influence
• Communicator Credibility: Real and Manufactured
• The Message and How It Is Delivered
• Emotional Appeals: Touch the Heart, Persuade the Mind
• When Informational Fails: The Challenge of Propaganda to Society
• Counteracting the Tactic of Propaganda

Supplies: To budget funds, purchase as needed, not all-at-once, and buy used.
– Messages: The Communication Skills Book by McKay, PH.D., Davis, PH.S., And Patrick Fanning 2018 Edition $17.55
– Competitive Debate: The Official Guide by Richard E. Edwards, PH.D., 2008 $19.95
– Propaganda by Edward Bernays, first published 1928; 2004 Edition $13.26
– Ages of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion by Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson 2001 $19.79

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