Language B – Level 2 – Third Course in the Learning to Read Series


Available Soon.  Found in Language Arts & Kindergarten areas. Reviews concepts and skills learned in Language A and adds more as detailed below.   For ages 5-7 and older. 180 Lessons

  • Primarily for those who want a to learn or to receive a thorough review of the basics of reading, penmanship, mechanics and grammar.
  • Useful for remedial purposes.
  • Also useful for the extra bright student as the pace is faster and the learning more extensive.
  • NOT as good a reading foundation as Language Arts A.  THOSE WHO USE THIS COURSE should also use the phonics, word, and reading grids in Language A.
  • Resources Required:  Library Card and a Subscription to the Friend.

Course covers:

  • Reading basics:  Beginning and advanced phonics
  • Penmanship – Manuscript & Cursive
  • Consonant blends
  • Literature basics
  • Basic Speech types
  • Extensive Grammar – Parts of Speech, Diagramming
  • Basic Mechanics
  • Spelling through all 29 Rules
  • Most Common Words – Sight Words through 1000
  • Considerable Reading and Comprehension work.
  • Accent Rules
  • Syllabication Rules
  • Beginning theater



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