LA LIT & SPECIAL TOPICS – Levels 3-6 – 2023-2024 – Exploration of World Literature, Jr.

PDF & Video Levels 3-6 in the Academy; Otherwise Good Readers 3rd & up
Not Yet Available
PDF due Fall, 2022 – Video will Follow

90 Lessons. Can be a semester course, with the other 3-6 Level Language Arts Course – Conventions of English 3-6 being a level suitable to the Skill and Knowledge of the student.

At the Academy, we alternate between the Conventions class and the Lit & Special Topics classes, with Mondays and Wednesdays being one course, and Tuesdays and Thursdays being the other course.

* Exploration of Children’s Literature produced outside of the US and Latter-Day Saint traditions.
* Examination of gospel-related themes and morals
* Writing in various styles and genres, including:
* Poetry
* Fables
* Legends
* Fairy Tales
* Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction

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