LA 1 – Unit 3A – Rules of English – In Process – Coming Soon


Video and PDF – Contains the English Language Arts “Rules” taught in LA1 – Unit 3.

This course is for those who already have a good grasp on phonics and reading, but need to assess their English Rules skills.

English Rules cover Grammar, Spelling, Writing, Punctuation and Capitalization, and in LA1 – Unit 3A some preliminary information on types and forms of writing and literature.

This course covers:
– Identification of Literature as Fiction or Non-Fiction; Prose or Poetry; for Entertainment or to Inform or Both.
– How to find, who is and what he did – The Author, The Illustrator, The Publisher; also the Copyright date.
– Parts of a book.
– The essentials for a sentence.
– The 8 parts of speech.
– Capitalization of Proper Nouns.
– Capitalization of the first word in a sentence; Capitalization of “I”.
– Ending punctuation.
– Commas in a series.
– Five types of sentences and how to write them.
– How to form plurals.
– The Writing Process.
– How to Write a Friendly Letter. It’s parts.
– Meaning of Antonym and Synonym.
– Order words and sequencing.
– Rhyming words.
– Beginning suffixes and prefixes.
– Personal pronouns.
– Questions adjectives ask.
– List of 13 common prepositions and how to use them.
– Compound subjects.
– Commas in dates and addresses.
– Apostrophes and possession.
– Subject-Verb Agreement.
– The verb Am, Is, Are, Was, Were.
– Tenses – Present and Past.
– Contractions with NOT.
– Correct use of “I” and “Me.” (Subject & Object.)
– Comparing Adjectives.
– Homophones.
– Multiple Meaning Words.
– Writing Basics.
– Writing a Story.
– Writing to Inform.
– Writing an Opinion
– Spelling:
– Color Words
– Number Words
– Body Words
– Food Words
– School Words
– Season Words

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