LA 1 – Unit 3 – LEARNING TO READ & WRITE – In Process

Video & PDF – Reminder: A Student’s Level is Found by Starting at the Beginning and Taking the Assessments, One-by-One until the Working level is found.

The student’s WORKING LEVEL is defined as the point at which he does not pass an assessment with 100% on the first try.

When this happens, the student is to find the information he needs to learn, learns it, and then challenges the missed portions of an assessment a second time.
He may advance when he can pass the missed portions of an Assessment with 100%. This assures that all students at the Academy receive the full course of instruction, and therefore have no educational “potholes” that would result in a rough educational journey.

* LA 0 – Unit 0-A – Orientation to Language Arts – 5 Lessons
* LA 0 – Unit 0-B – Learning By Study and By Faith – 6 Lessons
* LA 0 – Unit 0-C – Learning By Experience – 4 Lessons
* LA 1 – Unit 1 – Basic Study Skills – 10 Lessons
* LA 1 – Unit 2 – Pre-School & Pre-Reading Skills – 49 Lessons

LEARNING to READ & WRITE, Part One Proper
LA 1 – Unit 3 – Learning to Read & Write – 115 Lessons

Geared for students ready to learn to read and write; as well as students needing remedial work or just a bit of a refresher.

Suggested Age: 5 & Up – Kindergarten – 1st – 2nd Grade Levels

How Language Works
How Mankind Came to Learn to Read & Write – Review
Penmanship – Basic Strokes through Letter Formation
Phonics – Alphabet; Advanced; and Blends
Syllabication and Accent Rules
Reading Starts in Lesson Three
Phonics and Word Practice Grids for Blending and Sound Recognition
100 Most Common Words which make-up 50% of the words on an average page.
LDS Most Common Words.
Beginning of Capitalization and Punctuation
Beginning Spelling
Sentences: Definition and the Five Kinds
Beginning Knowledge of the 8 Parts of Speech along with Simple Sentence Diagramming
Beginning Composition – Journaling
Literature – Terms and Meanings of Fiction/Non-Fiction; Prose & Poetry; Recognition of Title, Author, Publisher And Copyright Date
Also Reading Assignments in “Scripture Stories for Young Readers” by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.