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Our Version of Kindergarten Math

PDF, Videos & Supplements

It contains more than the Spectrum Math. It presents mathematical ideas in a traditional fashion, with a bit of pedagogy borrowed from cultures where students excell in math.
It is the medium version of math of the three courses offered and totally sufficient for Kindergarten.

Beginning Supplies:
• AL Abacus – $16.50
• 3” x 5” cards – colored and white
• Black marker as above
• Composition book for writing numbers and working problems; writing concepts
• Rubber bands
• Construction paper – multi-colored pack
• Painting or copy paper
• Paints and brushes – tempura or acrylic washable recommended.
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Envelopes
• Pennies
• Shoe box or other like container.
• Clock
• Calendar
• Mighty Mind Original Edition – Starts the 5th week of the class. $21.95

Course Format:
• The course has three types of lessons: 72 Concepts & Facts lessons, 72 Lessons for Add-on Skills, and 36 Review lessons.
• The lessons alternate as follows: A Concept & Facts Lesson, then An Add-on Skill Lesson
◦ A Review Lesson occurs after every 4 lessons.
◦ Thus the pattern: Concept & Facts, Add-on; Concepts & Facts, Add-on, Review.
• There are 144 regular lessons, supplemented by Reviews every 5th day.

Learning Quantities with Subitizing (Soo bi ties zing – Learning the quantities 1-10 without counting)
Learning to write the numbers correctly
Learning Quantities on the AL Abacus
Learning Adding and Subtracting 1-10 on the Al abacus and on Paper
Fact Families
Spatial Reasoning & Critical Thinking – Mighty Mind
Shapes – Planar and Solid
Even & Odd
Tally Marks
Measurement Labs
Money – Coinage
Identity Property of Addition and Subtraction
Commutative Property of Addition
Occasional Online Practice of Various Concepts
Position and Comparison Words
Introduction of Teen Numbers as 1-ten +
Learn Numbers through 100
100 Number Chart
Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s.
Word Names of Numbers – Read, Write, Spell