Independent Learning 5-10: Serious Fun!

Information on this level is below and in a Video within the PDF and Video Access.

This is the upper division version of Independent Learning. It counts as an “Elective” in the course line-up. As such, student and mentor – Mom, Dad, or other supervising adult, meet together and discuss what it is the student wishes to learn about and explore, or a project he or she wishes to work on. For example, I have one student who wishes to learn “All About Animals,” and another who wants to build robotics. So, what do we do? First, a little bit (or a massive amount) of research – whatever is necessary to give the student a good grounding in the subject of interest. Then, we devise an approach as to how the study will proceed and what the outcomes are that we are looking for. What is the student’s end goal in this particular pursuit of knowledge or skill? We also set some flexible time frames and goal dates for different events along the way. This gives some structure to the Project or Learning Adventure. The student pursues his passion and checks-in with his mentor as often as agreed upon. When the study or project is accomplished and the student’s goals have been met, he or she receives proper acknowledgement and ‘credit’.

Studies or projects may take a few weeks or many, or months or even a couple of years (or more) depending upon the goals, ambition, and interest of the student.
Students may be engaged in more than one Independent Project or Learning Adventure at a time. Caution, it is not wise to be involved in more than three projects or adventures at one time, unless the projects or Learning Adventures are interconnected.

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