Independent Learning 4: Researcher, Note Keeper 2

Independent Learning 4: Researcher, Note Keeper 2

This entry contains part of the instruction for this Level of the subject. The rest of the instruction is in a Video within the PDF & Video Access.

By now, YOU, the student, should be old enough – 10 & Up to direct your own curiosity. If you haven’t read the Independent Learning Subject Introduction, please do so now. Also, if you have not read the Independent Learning 1 or 2 or 3 blurbs, please do so. Get your Composition Book Independent Learning Diary or Journal ready.

The ONLY difference in THIS COURSE, compared to Independent a 1 & 2, is that you will not only record what you read, watched, saw or did, but YOU WILL WRITE about it! Specifically,
the source or activity, what you learned, what you liked or didn’t like, where you go from here. Not interested in the topic any more or are you wanting to investigate and learn more about the topic or skill that you are interested in? Why you want to continue learning about the topic or why you Don’t want to learn more. As this is a higher and older level course, your entry is expected to be of greater length, detail, and quality.

Remember: YOUR interest in a particular topic may last a couple of hours, a day, a week, a month, several months or years. It just depends how really interested you are in it. If you have more than one interest you want to pursue at the same time – please, start another Independent Learning Diary to handle the second topic.

Remember: Topics may include learning to play a musical instrument, acting, art, sewing, exploring the great outdoors or, looking into what courses lurk in the Independent Learning Archives. (These are located after the regular first 1-10 courses in Independent Learning, and include everything from Art to World Languages!)

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