Independent Learning 2: Exploration 2

Independent Learning 2 – Exploration 2

If you haven’t done so already, please read the blurb under Independent Learning – Introduction. THANK YOU.

There is 1 PDF and 1 Video for this course. The instructions are THERE and HERE.

We expect that ages 6-8 will be taking this portion of the Independent Learning offerings. We expect that they in some measure will be able to direct their own learning, based on their own curiosity.

It’s SIMPLE. YOU are a parent who has a child – or YOU ARE that child – who is curious about the world and probably SOME THING or THINGS in particular. RUN WITH IT. If a parent, and he still needs your assistance – which he will in art help him. If YOU are the child – fulfill your curiosity with books – remember the LIBRARY, friends and relatives – and youtube and the like. (Always OK ANY viewing online with Mom or Dad!) If it is something YOU want TO DO, see MOM or DAD to find out what they YOU can do to make it possible, at least on some level.

Satisfying curiosity will pay-off big dividends down the road.

Also, KEEP RECORDS. Start or continue your Independent Learning Journal or Diary – Your Choice. (See description in Independent Learning 1). Keep the Diary up-to-date. KEEP the DIARY.
Independent Learning is something that happens year round whether formally ‘in school’ or not. That’s it. Simple, really. 🙂

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