Independent Learning 1: Exploration

Independent Learning 1 – Exploration

If you haven’t done so already, please read the blurb under Independent Learning – Introduction. THANK YOU.

There is NO PDF or Video for this course. The instructions are HERE.

We expect that ages 4-7 will be taking this portion of the Independent Learning offerings.

It’s SIMPLE. YOU have a child who is curious about the world and probably SOME THING or THINGS in particular. RUN WITH IT. Help him fulfill his curiosity with books – remember the LIBRARY, friends and relatives – and youtube and the like. If it is something he wants TO DO, see what YOU can do to make it possible, at least on some level.

Satisfying a young person’s curiosity will pay-off big dividends down the road.

Also, KEEP RECORDS. Start a BRAND NEW Composition book. Label it: ___________’s (Your Child’s Name) Independent Learning Journal or Diary – Your Choice. Begin the first page with the date Independent Learning was begun and what was done. Keep the Diary up-to-date. KEEP the DIARY, Independent Learning is something that happens year round whether formally ‘in school’ or not. That’s it. Simply parenting, really. 🙂

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