History+ 9: The History of Freedom and the Constitution

History+ X: The History of Freedom and the Constitution

High School Level – 180 Lessons

This is a two-part course.

Part One consists of reading and digesting The Five Thousand Year Leap, as well as the introductory chapters in The Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution.

Part Two consists of studying and learning the meaning, importance, and application of the Constitution itself.

Texts are as stated above, $10.47 and $20.00, respectfully.

This, as other high school level History+ courses, is rigorous, requires much reading, thinking, writing, research and discussion.

Students are expected to read at least one other book on the Constitution, preferably one by Senator Mike Lee: Our Lost Constitution – The Willing Subversion of America’s Founding Document. ($14.91 PPB-&17.82 HB)

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