History+ VIII: The World 1 AD to the Present in LDS Perspective

History+ VII: The World 1 AD to the Present in LDS Perspective

High School Level, 180 Lessons

This course begins with the birth of Jesus Christ and continues to the present. It is a rigorous course, requiring much reading, researching, writing and even teaching, but is well worth the time and effort.

In searching for a format for the course and a text equal to the subject, I despaired as I read one after another. In each case the texts fell short. Why? because in each case they taught as facts that which we as Latter-day Saints know are not true. I wanted a thorough history, one through which the students could feel the Spirit of the Lord, and one which would be true to our LDS heritage. Dan P. Hunter’s, The World After Christ: An LDS Perspective filled these requirements. Where I have felt a lack in Brother Hunter’s text, I have added a bit or referred to internet sites or other writings in the syllabus.

Unfortunately, the text is a bit pricey – but, again, well-worth the investment. You receive three Volumes for $105.16 – not really bad for three volumes! You can order the text on the internet through Archive Publishers or Living History.

Details: Each volume is divided into nine epochs. Each volume treats a different subject within each of the nine epochs. Therefore, you have three treatments of each epoch. We take one week for each of the treatments and then a fourth week to discuss and solidify our knowledge of the epoch. Students are expected to read all the material, research as required, write a summary or synopsis along with insights and understandings garnered and principles learned, and teach a portion of the material. Each week’s reading is measured out over 4 days, is read as homework, and then discussed during class time. Study guides for each reading will be available in the syllabus. One day per week is reserved for a summary discussion on the epoch and treatment studied that week. The course also includes map work. Students often enter the class apprehensive and emerge enlightened, filled with ‘light and knowledge.’

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