History+ VI: Foundations of the Republic

History VI: Foundations of the Republic

Junior-Senior High Level, 180 Lessons

This year long course covers the Founding Era in the character of the Founders and the principles they professed. It is divided into two portions.

Part One covers readings in The American Story: The Beginnings, by David and Timothy Barton. From the Introduction:

“A ‘Golden Thread’ refers to a connecting ribbon or filament interlaced through a valuable tapestry. That Golden Thread is not necessarily prominent – it does not always command immediate attention; however, if searched for, it becomes evident. Running throughout the entirety of a fabric, it not only helps hold it together but also greatly increases its beauty, uniqueness, and worth.”

“The Golden Thread in American history is the superintending Providence of Almighty God.”

The readings cover that theme from the words of various Founders, through discovery by Columbus and the Civil War. The readings end with a concern for the future and give direction to look to the Constitution and the Bible.

Part Two of the course is the Bible, the Founders’ Bible, which is a special 2200 page edition, available from Wall Builders, which also publishes the book by the Bartons.

The Founders’ Bible not only contains an excellent translation of the Biblical text, but also many articles on how the Founders used various Biblical principles in the formation of our government. It lends a light and guide as to the true principles of a nation whose God is the Lord. Thus, remembering the admonition in Ether 2:11 and 12 that the inhabitants of this land are to serve the God of the Land who is Jesus Christ or be swept off when they are fully in iniquity, we take a deep-dive into the principles necessary for the sustaining of a free and independent republic, under God, as highlighted in the various sections of the Founders’ Bible.

Note: Together the two volumes used in this course represent a sizable investment. But, please consider them just that: an investment. The books will turn into family, if not student keepsakes, and will be referred to again and again as the years pass. The American Story: The Beginnings – $29.99. The Founders’ Bible in hardback, what we consider most appropriate for student use: $69.00-$79.00.

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