History+ VII: World Geography

History VII: World Geography is a duo function course.

Senior High Level, 180 Lessons

Know the World as Never Before.

First, the student studies cultural geography emphasizing knowledge of religions, government types, and economic systems.

The goal of this part of the course is to understand the workings, strengths and shortcomings, plus evaluation from a gospel perspective of the different forms of government and economic systems, plus the tenets and practices of the world’s major religions.

Second, the student reviews and hones his physical and political geography skills while drawing accurate maps from memory.

The goal of this part of the course is to be able to not only name and place every political entity in its rightful place on the map, but to also be able to relate vital statistics about each entity such as its type of government, economic system, religious predominance, state of the Church within its boundaries, and other cultural phenomena.

Sources: The Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions, Internet Linked, $14.99; The Law by Frederic Bastiat, $4.99; the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, $3.00; The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, $1.99 – $6.89; Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard Maybury, $14.95; plus paper and ink to accumulate the necessary maps printed from the internet site, online.setera.com and a composition book to record country and dependency profiles.

Weekly check-ups are included in your syllabus.

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