History 9 – American History In-Depth

Now Available – 182 Lessons, Rigorous High School Course.

Text & PDF, eventually will have teacher-video commentary.


1 – In-depth factual knowledge of the history of the United States of America from its founding to the present.

2 – Analysis of events and actions in US History in the context of a Latter-Day Saint perspective.

3 – Parallel History of the Restoration through examination of the Lives and Times of the Prophets of the Restoration.


1 – Initial Lessons A & B cover The Four Questions and the Consequential Cyclical Theory of History

2 – Lessons 1 & 2 cover prophecy concerning America and the Works of God in the Prelude to the Discovery and Founding.

3 – Chapters 1 – 8 of the Text: United States History – Heritage of Freedom, Revised Fourth Edition, ABEKA. 2021 (Available at abeka.com or christianbook. com for $42.40.)
NOTE: We have used Abeka books since our founding in 1997 and before in our home school. We find them historically accurate, insightful, and presenting a reasonable Christian viewpoint.)

These chapters are cross-referenced with the augmentation of: Miracles in American History by Susie Federer, ($17.75 at amazon.com.) Students read these accounts of answers to prayer, Divine intervention in behalf of the American cause, and the popular devotion to, reliance of, and recognition of such Divine Providence.

4 – Then at the beginning of each time period as the Restoration begins with the birth of Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1805, the events of the Restoration as witnessed in the lives of the Prophets of the Restoration are listed.

Thus, the students experience a somewhat parallel development of the US and the development of the Restoration. This parallel examination continues from Chapter 9 through the end of the text in Chapter 30.

5 – The last two lessons are essay assignments.

The first requires the student to analyze where we are currently in the Consequential Cyclical cycle and where we need to go from here. Students are asked to examine how they can play a needed role in the life of their country.

The second essay concerns the Church and its growth both in the US and without. Likening it to Daniel’s vision of the stone cut without hands, students are asked to detail how they can meaningfully participate in this event.

The goal is to help us appreciate our national, our spiritual, and cultural heritage, and be good, appreciative citizens and members of both our nation and our Church.

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