History 8 – World History In-Depth: Exploration to Today

Now available. Text and PDF. 13 & Up. Rigorous, but worth it.

Streams of Civilization, Vol. 2, 3rd Edition, is the companion volume for the text used in History 7: World History In-Depth – The Beginning through the Reformation. This second volume is every bit as scholarly and insightful as the first and is available from Christian Book for $30.94. It covers Exploration through the beginning of the 21st Century.

The course is formatted differently from History 7 in that work is assigned on a weekly or two week basis, giving the student the ability to learn initiative and time management in his studies. Requirements are basically the same as for History 7, with the composition book journal playing a significant role. In Week 34, the Epilogue is augmented by the student reading Joseph Smith Matthew, and Doctrine and Covenants 45. The student is then asked to analyze what he has read by answering two questions: Where Are We at Present in the Consequential-Cyclical Cycle of History, and where are we in terms of the Advent of the Lord?

The final two weeks of the year long course are spent on a parent-approved project chosen by the student. The volume is replete with ideas for further investigation and study, so it shouldn’t be hard for any student to find a project of interest to him.

Grading is by cumulative points earned from Chapter Test scores, plus the student’s project.

Truly a great course, giving a firm understanding of World-History In-Depth.

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