History 7 – World History In-Depth: Beginnings through the Reformation

Now Available. Texts and PDF, with beginning editorial comment. Ages 12 & up. Rigorous and Worth it.

Texts & Contents:

The PDF – The very first lesson was written by our Curriculum Director, Mrs. K. She sets the tone for the study that follows and gives some guidelines as to how to think about and study each people, nation, and civilization.

Next, students read and contemplate The First 2,000 Years, by W. Cleon Skousen, Latter-day Saint author and historian extraordinaire. It is available from both Deseret Book and Amazon for $24.95. This volume will shed much light and on the period of “Pre-History”. It is full of fascinating information. Students are encouraged to seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost in understanding its content.

About six weeks in, we begin reading and digesting Streams of Civilization, Volume 1. It is available from Christian Book for $29.83. This extraordinarily well-written Christian text covers a Christian and a secular view of the beginnings of history, which helps students appreciate the scholarship of Skousen who used Scriptures and ancient sources for his writing. It continues with an insightful and well-researched text through the time of the Reformation. Students are expected to be able to expound on the the questions the text poses, and to identify concepts, groups, persons, and more listed at the end of each chapter.

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